Hawk Mikado
The Funnel Genius
Kate Mikado
Editor, Funnel Mag
Jane Amora
Partner Manager

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InVert Inc™ is a Full Service Funnel Marketing Agency.
We Drive Traffic, Build Funnels, and Follow up with Prospects by Phone.

Investment is $4,500/mo to $8,500/mo
VIP Experiences are $25,000 Each

Commissions: up to $5,000
Funnel Magazine™ is a Publication Dedicated to Understanding Online Marketing from People who've gotten Real Results with Their Funnels.

Magazine: $37 each
MyFunnel.Club: $47/mo or $497/yr
HackThisFunnel Special: $997/yr

50% Commissions
Funnel Genius™ is our Mastermind and Funnel Building Service (without Traffic or Follow up)

Virtual Mastermind: $9,997
Done For You Funnel: $5,000 to $25,000

10% to 20% Commissions
HackThisFunnel™ is our Private Funnel Marketplace and Funnel Hacking Service

Unlimited Funnel Templates $97-$497/mo
Funnel Hacking: $97/page

50% Commission
Hawk Mikado is a Professional Speaker on Funnels and Team Building

Speaker Fee is $25,000 + Special Access

$1,000 Referral fee
Kate Mikado is great at Copy Editing and Funnel Testing

$497 per 5 Page Funnel
$5,000 per 100 Pages of Copy Editing

10% up to $1,000 Referral fee
3 Types of Affiliates:
Most Qualify as an Affiliate
Good Commissions, and Low Minimums
  • 3 Minimum Sales Per Year 
  • No Minimum Social Media Followers
  • No Minimum List Size
  • 50% - Digital Programs & Products
  • 10% - Group Programs & Memberships
  • 5% - Masterminds
  • $1,000 - 1-on-1 Clients
  • up to 5% 2nd Tier Commissions
  • NOTE: Commissions May Vary by Product & Price
Some Qualify as a JV
Great Commissions
  • $20,000 Sales Per Year 
  • 1,000+ Social Media Followers
  • 1,000+ List Size
  • 60% - Digital Programs & Products
  • 20% - Group Programs & Memberships
  • 10% - Masterminds
  • $1,500 - 1-on-1 Clients
  • up to 10% 2nd Tier Commissions
  • NOTE: Commissions May Vary by Product & Price
Most Qualify as a super JV
Amazing Commissions
  • $100,000 Sales Per Year 
  • 10,000+ Social Media Followers
  • 10,000+ List Size
  • 70% - Digital Programs & Products
  • 30% - Group Programs & Memberships
  • 15% - Masterminds
  • $2,000 - 1-on-1 Clients
  • up to 10% 2nd Tier Commissions 
  • NOTE: Commissions May Vary by Product & Price
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